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Well, I’ve done it again!  Made a giant list of super awesome items that almost anyone would love to have!  Including me!  A little DIY, a few ready-to-ship items, and a whole lotta love to share!

So if you’re looking for a unique way to share your images this Christmas, I’m your girl!

Check out my Pinterest board with tons of ideas!

Photo Inspired Gift Ideas!  Too cool not to pin!  www.vanessawolfram.com


Here are just a few of the amazing things you will find when you get there!

7c0b8d2e78ce9d6db94ee6ed48c43dd5Wood Camera iPhone Case

I definitely would love one of these!  Super cute and one of the most unique cases I’ve ever seen!  Its definitely on my list this year ;)

33dd992e26218be3fe287cf3799ceb97Beach Inspired DIY Project

I need some pillows to go along with my living room set and I’m having a hard time finding something I like.  This just might do the trick!

b5a6a374dee5f522cb9b89f27ef49967Soft Cover Photo Book

Use your Instagram photos to create an awesome little book!  Its a great way to have all your memories at your fingertips, and, great for those non tech savvy peeps you know.

b6fa3e09c19e97350aedec1040f699afPhoto Key Chain

Now this is so adorable!  Perfect for the grandmothers to show off the grandkids too!  I just may have to try this one.

81770cb78ebc42006edc66c66fb62a6cPhoto Frame Wreath

I had seen this idea before and quite like it, but finding the right frames would be key to making this work.  I’m officially on the hunt!

e0e57ce866976e00308bf0de75cdbf36Log Heart Photo Holder

How adorable is this?  I know I’ll be on the lookout in grandmas wood pile!

d389d183c1383289a41d5b11c3d76742Camera Lens Pendant

There are no words to describe how cool this one is!  And, super inexpensive at only $15.00.  I could definitely handle this one in my stocking!

There are many, many ideas over on my Pinterest board, so be sure to hop on over to check them out!  You promise you won’t regret it!

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