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Here is just the start of the many, many reasons…


1.) He loves me unconditionally

2.) He takes the time to do the things he knows I will appreciate

3.) He works hard to provide for our family

4.) He lets the kids use him as a jungle gym!

 5.) He likes to surprise me when I’m least expecting it

6.) He randomly buys me chocolate!!!

7.) He is super smart, but doesn’t ever boast!

8.) He cherishes our quiet time together

9.) He will crawl into our 3 years olds tiny bed and snuggle her if she wakes up at night

10.) He always gives me a hug the moment he gets home from work!

11) He’s just so darn cute!

12) He helps with the dishes

13) He puts the toilet seat DOWN!

 14) He always texts me while he’s away

15) He puts the kids to bed if I’m too tired

16) He helps discipline our children because he knows its good for them!

17) He is super handy man and can fix almost anything

18) He shovels the driveway

19) He gets the groceries by himself if I can’t go

20) He prays with the kids each night

21.) He surprises me with green roses, because that’s what I had in my bouquet at our wedding

22.) He cooks dinner if I haven’t had a chance to start yet

23.) He remembers the anniversary of our first date.

24.) He puts gas in my SUV if he notices I’m running low, without being asked to

25.) He snuggles me extra lots when I’m cold

26.) He studies hard to maintain high marks in trade school

27.) He cherishes his family above all else in this world

28.) He is always trying to find ways to make my day more special

29.) He stays up late just to hang out even though he has to be up at 5:30am

30) He is always thinking of others

31.) He always tells me how much he misses me throughout his day

 32.) He changes poopy diapers without complaining

 33.) He supports all of my extracurricular hobbies

34.) He’s happy to be the main breadwinner of our family

35.) He races home at the end of each day to see us!

36.) He calls just to hear my voice

37.) He is supporting my new healthy eating challenge

38.) He is a strong leader

39.) He fights to remain at the top of his class

40.) He always has time for me

41.) He spontaneously tries to plan date nights

42.) He snuggles me often

43.) Holding my hand never gets too old for him

44.) He randomly likes to lay out pretty things for me to wear

45.) He is a strong believer that family comes first, after God of course!

46.) He’s been eating the healthier food I’ve been making without complaint!  LOL

47.) He plays board games with me even though he doesn’t always want to.  Then always ends up enjoying himself!

48.) He spends time with me every single day

49.) He never lets other people’s negative opinions bother him

50.) He stands up for what he believes in, and isn’t afraid to do so!

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