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Whether you know it or not, someone’s watching and looking up to you.  People are influenced by the way you live and they need to see God’s love in your everyday actions.  One of the greatest opportunities we have as christians is to make a profound difference in the lives of others.  We need to realize that many times we may be the only evidence of God some people may see, and that’s a big responsibility to have!

Galatians 6:9 says…


We are all influencing someone, so when you take the time to reach out to others, to invest in their lives, you are impacting the world… yours and theirs.  Nobody is perfect.  We all make mistakes, but we can thank God for his endless love and forgiveness!  People need to know they are loved and its our responsibility as believers to show it to them.  In spite of how we may feel, in spite of our situation, in spite of how our day is going, in spite of our want of self-gratification.  When we reach out to others on purpose, we will also reap the benefits. 

Its as simple as a smile.  Share one, and you’re most likely to get one back!  It can change the course of a strangers day, and yours.

So then, as occasion and opportunity open up to us, let us do good [morally] to all people [not only being useful or profitable to them, but also doing what is for their spiritual good and advantage]. Be mindful to be a blessing. Galatians 6:10

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