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Ok.  So I’ve seen many similar articles on getting “in-shape” bouncing around the web and I’ve noticed two major things.  1.)  They aren’t always very realistic, especially for beginners.  2.) They are always paired up with a photo of some super tiny, half starved, photo shopped “babe” in her sweet nothings.  Blah!  Give me a break!  I’m a REAL woman and I’m not afraid to know it!

www.vanessawolframblog.comAs busy moms we have so much on the go and we can all relate to feeling too tired to do one more thing during our day!  So here’s what I’ve done.  I took a mash up of step by step, too intense to get your started, “do-this-and-you’ll-be-perfect” methods, and made it more realistic.  This may not be a huge challenge for some of you, and it may be quite hard for others, but we all need to start somewhere, right?

And don’t you DARE feel guilty for not being able to do it all right away.  Building muscle and strength takes time, and effort!  Do what you can, when you can.  If that means breaking the days tasks up into 3 separate times then do so!  Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get some privacy then thats what you can do!  How can you tell I have 5 little ones running around? ;) 

So here’s the challenge.  Share this with your friends, and don’t forget to PIN it so you can always find me!  Or, simply follow this blog to keep up on my updates and progress!

Are you ready?  WE GOT THIS LADIES!

30 Day Guns, Buns & Ab Challenge @ www.vanessawolframblog.comI’ve also decided to pair up this 30 day plan along with a regular treadmill routine to boost my overall cardio, strength and tone.   Here’s a sample of what I have been doing so far, a program designed by livestrong.com.  I am no way endorsing for Livestrong, nor was paid or compensated in any way to promote this method.  This is just what I personally choose to do, as I have the corresponding treadmill.  The idrated app on my phone helps keep me hydrated as well!  Look it up!

Weightloss Treadmill Plan by www.Livestrong.com

So there you have it.  Good luck, have fun, and do the best you can!  I’m excited to get started with you!  Please be sure to leave me your thoughts below, and don’t forget to come back to share how you are doing!

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