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Sharing with the world another 50 reasons why I LOVE my husband.


51.) He tells me he loves me numerous times a day

52.) He knows all my favourite drinks from every coffee shop

53.) He surprises me with said drinks!

54.) He enjoys shopping with me

55.) He encourages me to go shopping!

56.) He always kisses me before leaving for work, even if I’m still asleep

57.) He has goals

58.) He eats the majority of what I cook without complaining!

59.) He loves watching movies with me

60.) He drives the kids to and from school the days he doesn’t work 

61.) He tells me he is proud of me

62.) He supports my passion for coaching cheer teams

63.) He bakes the best cinnamon buns!

64.) He makes me laugh often

65.) He wanted a large family… and still wouldn’t mind a 5th!

66.) He lets me cut his hair, then doesn’t complain!  LOL

67.) He dances oh so silly

68.) He knows all my quirks, and likes them!

69.) He keeps me warm

70.) He is my biggest fan

71.) He loves country music!

72.) He motivates me to be better

73.) He offers me the last bite of his chocolate bar

74.) He’s so strong… I’m a feather in his arms ;)

75.) He is in no way shallow or superficial

76.) He compliments me all the time

77.) He asks my opinion on the tough decisions he has to make

78.) He’s willing to try new things

79.) He’s committed to our marriage

80.) He’s a trusted friend… my best friend

81.) He’s honest

82.) I know I’ll never go hungry

83.) He calls if he’s running late

84.) He is an honourable man

85.) He’s a man of his word

86.) He’s a man of integrity

87.) He lifts me up when I’m down

88.) He makes friends so easily

89.) He forgives me when I make mistakes

90.) He will drop everything to help out a friend

91.) He has such a strong desire to care for his grandparents

92.) He calls his family members for no reason at all

93.) He is faithful to the end

94.) He warms up my cold feet!

95.) He always says good-night

96.) He helps me pack for road trips

97.) He remembers the little things that I sometimes forget

98.) He loves garage sale-ing with me and finding a good deal

99.) He loves me more than I ever imagined a person could love

100.) He chose to spend his life with me

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