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A challenge that I’ve been dealing with is spending too much time on my phone.  They are so amazing these days with all the technology and fun apps, but I’ve given this to God and trust that he will lead me in the right direction.  It’s not easy to break a bad habit, especially when easily distracted by them, but I’m working on it with the help of my Saviour.

I found the following devotion entitled “New Day, New You” and wanted to share a part of it with you all.  It’s not exactly what I described above, but its a good word of advice!

Proverbs 2 3-4_thumb[1]

Don’t run around seeking counsel from just anyone. Pray first, asking the Lord whether it is His will that you go to another human being for counsel or whether He desires to counsel you Himself. In my own life I have had many, many problems, yet I never went to anyone else for counsel with the exception of one time. On this occasion I visited a lady in ministry who had been abused herself. I do not mean to discredit her, but she really was not able to help me. It was not her fault; she simply was not anointed by the Lord to do so.

God is not obligated to anoint what He does not initiate. So often people run to others without following the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit, and it never bears good, lasting fruit. When you are in trouble, go to the throne before you go to the phone. I do not mean to suggest that it is wrong to seek counsel. I am just suggesting that you pray and allow the Lord to lead and guide you through the Holy Spirit. Let Him choose the right counselor for you. Just because a person has been through what you are going through, or is a close personal friend, does not mean that individual is the right counselor for you. So I repeat, pray!