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I am called to become more than what I am. To break through the struggle of wanting to do better, and actually making the effort to do so. It’s not easy.

I am called to a higher purpose and plan for my life. It can only be found in truly seeking and following the One who created me.  The One who wants to not only see but help me be successful. Making the time. It’s not easy.

To share the gifts that I’ve been given, to voice a word of compassion, strength, encouragement and hope. Putting myself out there and risking a reaction, listening to that still small voice. It’s not easy.

I am called to bring light into the darkest corners of a lost world. It’s time to get up, lend a hand, share my heart and to lift up the broken hearted.  I am called to encourage, speak, shine, share and above all else, to LOVE. It’s not easy…

but it’s worth it.

And so are you.